Register for Board Game Workshop (spring break school-ager/families)

Join us during spring break for a fun, open ended board game building workshop and let your imagination run wild!

Each registered person/group will receive a blank folding game board (like a monopoly type board only totally blank and ready for your creativity!) and a blank game box that you can decorate with your game title and artwork.

We will then have a “buffet” of board game pieces ranging from pawns, regular dice and multiple sided dice, blank character pieces on stands, blank playing cards, hexagon board pieces (great for map building), blank chips, and a variety of paper, scissors, sharpies and other goodies to complete an entire game!

This workshop is geared toward school agers 6+ and each registration is good for 1-6 people, so feel free to sign up with friend(s) or build a game as an individual or a family!

Children who are independent and comfortable on their own are welcome to be dropped off upstairs for the workshop so long as the parent stays on the premises of Common Ground for the entire duration the child(ren) are upstairs (waiver with parents contact info will be signed before drop off). There will be at least 2 adult facilitators during the duration of the workshop for guidance and if participants need help with anything.

IMPORTANT: parent is responsible for child during lunch break *PLEASE PICK UP CHILD BY 12:30PM FOR LUNCH BREAK & then return after to wrap up board game and to play test. Workshop ends at 3pm, with the last hour being open ended “play testing” and finishing up any last tweaks to the games.

The workshop will take place in the large event space upstairs at Common Ground on Tues. March 26 from 11am-3pm with a lunch break 12/12:30pm (lunch is an additional charge in restaurant on main level- please no outside food or drink brought in, but you are welcome to leave and come back if you wish)

After completing your game, you are welcome to hang out and “play test” your game, and/or other games that were created during the workshop.

The cost is $45 per game set (all supplies included- up to 4 people per registration – lunch is an additional charge)

Click the paypal ticket link below to register for your spot today!


Enter the name(s) of participants, and then click “add to cart” to complete your registration. The cost is $45 and you only need to purchase one ticket per group of up to 4 people – which can include siblings, family members, friends or go solo to create your own game! $45 includes all supplies, and any food or drink will be an additional cost to the attendees (not required, but guests are welcome to enjoy drinks & food during the workshop). Please no outside food or drink brought in.

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