Family Events & Resources

Hey, it’s not fair that the kids are the only ones that get to have fun! Common Ground will provide a series of events such as Date Night where the kids will have fun under the supervision of experienced caretakers, and the parents can enjoy a lovely meal in our dining room downstairs! There will also be regular “Me Time” sessions where junior can enjoy a fun playdate upstairs, and Sleepy McDistractedpants (that’s you) can take a break to check your email or get some work done by the fireplace in our cafe.

If you are looking for an opportunity for the whole fam to jam together, we will also be regularly hosting “Family Playtime” sessions in our event space where there will be a variety of activities like board games, art, family trivia sessions, science and more for the whole family to enjoy together!

Make sure to stay up to date with our calendar as we will be posting many kids and family friendly fun in the coming days and weeks!


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